4/17/2020 Resident’s Lifestyle Policy for LivGenerations

STRONG recommendation for all residents to stay in their apartment homes as much as possible.
Details of Policy:

  • No visitors, unless medically essential and must be approved by LivGenerations.
  • No leaving the community. Only 911 or life-sustaining medical appointments are approved.
  • If you leave the property for any reason, a 14-day apartment isolation will be imposed, this includes trips for 911 or life-sustaining medical appointments.
  • Leaving the property includes getting into the car of a visitor even if parked on property.
  • Leaving for routine doctors’ appointments is not allowed.
  • Please utilize the resource list we’ve provided outlining various resources including: telemedicine, mobile physician, lab and urgent care services available to come to your apartment home. If you have questions or need help using the resources, contact a Liv Team member in your community.