11/13/2020 LivGSOS update + Holiday Visitations

Dear Residents and Family Members,

This week we received guidance from the Arizona Department of Health Services and Governor’s Task Force regarding off-site visitations during the holidays. Based on the current levels of community spread, rising cases and hospitalizations, the AZ DHS and Governor’s Task Force does not recommend residents engage in off-site visitations. As of today, Liv Communities is still
allowing off-site mobility for essential appointments. Residents have been asking about our policies concerning the upcoming holiday season. It is unlikely that a favorable shift in COVID case loads will occur between now and Thanksgiving. Therefore, we are recommending for Thanksgiving that
families begin planning time together using the three current options for pre-scheduled visitations: no testing required outside visits with masks, 2-day pass (test required) for indoor visitation for up to one (1) hour, or “Designated Visitors” (test required) for indoor visitation up to four (4) hours.