4/24/2020 Springs of Scottsdale Resident and Family Letter

Today a second Independent Living resident tested positive for COVID-19 at The Springs of Scottsdale. Our entire Liv Community is sending love and warm wishes to our resident for a strong and speedy recovery.

While an additional case is concerning, it is allowing us to further unravel the questions of how the disease may have entered our community. By reviewing the shared connections between these two residents, we are able to draw a hypothesis of a potential link. We are communicating over the next 24 hours with a small group of residents who that utilize this potential link and are conducting testing on residents who might be at risk due for precautionary purposes Based on the outcomes of the tests, we should have more information by the middle of next week and will stand by our promise of transparency in communications while also respecting the privacy of our residents. To date, none of our team members have tested positive for COVID-19.