3/11/2020 – COVID-19 Overview

With Liv Well as one of our five core values as well as one of our core brand promises to our residents, we always place top priority on the health, safety and overall wellbeing of our team members and residents. 

As reports of COVID-19 (coronavirus) continue to grow in the US, we want to clearly communicate the steps we are taking to help maintain a safe and healthy environment for our Liv & LivGenerations residents.  

We have a task force formed of key members representing all of our communities.  This task force is working together to benchmark best practices, stay current on the evolving situation and create clear communications and protocols focused on the safety our residents and team members.  Below is a list of steps the company is taking to enhance the daily practices at all company locations.  You will start to see these changes activated on a rolling basis as needed and available. 

What Liv Communities is doing:

Established a task force to lead company-wide efforts to enhance the prevention of the virus and coordinate a cohesive response as needed.

Reviewed all protocols for infectious and communicable illnesses and making necessary updates specific to what we know of the coronavirus – both in preventative terms as well as if/when the virus were to make it to our communities.

Created a plan to increase housekeeping services in common areas including more frequent wipe-downs of high traffic areas.

Adding hand-sanitizing stations in common areas of all communities and offices.

As stated above, effective immediately, all non-medically necessary visitors are restricted from visiting our LivGenerations communities. We understand and empathize with the personal strain this could bring to our residents and their loved ones. We are also enhancing the screening process of guests and visitors in the shared common areas of our Liv multifamily communities, requesting self-denying of access to those experiencing cough, fever and/or shortness of breath, or those recently around people with the same.

Reviewing and increasing inventory levels of healthcare supplies, cleaning supplies, and non-perishable food supplies.

Communicating relevant protocols to all team members – ongoing.

Reviewing, and implementing temporary revisions to, our time off and travel policies.

Networking with industry and professional networks on best practices.

Creating a communication portal on our website for the most current information we have.

Communicating best practices in hygiene, social-distancing and self-awareness to all team members, residents, resident families and visitors so all can contribute positively to our prevention measures.

Our unique, interconnected environments allow human nature’s best traits to shine.  We need everyone’s involvement to support these changes and safeguards to benefit the collective wellbeing of all residents.  By working together and being neighborly, we can take many important personal steps to uplift the defenses of the full community. 

Due to the nature of the virus, we will continue evaluating the current state of alert and policies will change to meet evolving realities.  Policy changes will be posted and communicated as quickly as possible.  

If you have any questions, suggestions or just need to have a friendly chat, we welcome you to reach out to [email protected].

The best prevention measures involve all of us working together to maintain safe and healthy environments.

Liv Communities is working to stay current with this quickly evolving situation.  Content on this website may not be all encompassing and should not be seen as medical advice.  Consult with a medical provider for medical advice relevant to your specific circumstances.