3/16/2020 – Liv Team Member Vacation Time Update

Dear Liv team members,

As the Liv Well Task Force, we have been monitoring what challenges our team members may be faced with as an outcome of COVID-19. One concern that has been presented to us as a task force is the current state of the vacation policy. We recognize that the deadline for vacation accrual has created some additional stress for team members and we want to alleviate that stress.

The original rollover plan that was communicated was that team members would lose any vacation hours in excess of 40 hours that were accrued in 2019 upon the rollover date of 12/31/2019. The revised communication stated that all accruals earned in 2020 will remain, plus up to 40 hours would carry over from 2019 as of 3/31/2020.

Please note that effective Friday, March 13, 2020, all vacation hours currently remaining will carry over. No team member will lose any vacation hours in 2020. The next rollover for vacation hours will be on 3/31/2021 at which time all team members will be able to roll over up to 40 vacation hours.