3/17/2020 – Liv Multifamily Team Member COVID-19 Update

Dear Liv Multifamily Team Member,

As always, our priority is the health and well-being of you and our residents. Liv’s strong core values and family bond will help get us and our residents through this uncertain time. We believe that if we make smart decisions and we take reasonable precautions, that our health and well-being will be preserved. We have received several messages from you and from our residents and have heard and thoroughly discussed every one of them. We care about you, your families and our residents, and that is at the heart of every conversation and decision at Liv. We understand uncertainties regarding interacting with others and that some of you may be stepping outside your comfort zone performing your daily job duties. At this time, we have made some decisions on further measures to help limit the spread of Covid-19. Described below are the measures to be implemented beginning tomorrow (in order to first notify our residents) by our multifamily operations teams on site at Liv.

1. To best protect our residents, we will close all common area amenities in honor of the President’s recommendation to avoid gathering in groups larger than 10 people. Signage will be created and distributed by our Marketing department and messaging will be sent to our residents with a brand friendly message.

2. To best protect our customers and leasing teams, we will begin operating our leasing offices with minimal staffing. Team members will rotate shifts, working part of their schedule in the office, and part of their schedule from home. Exact scheduling per site will be determined by the Property Manager and myself and communicated appropriately today. We are implementing the same precautions while conducting business with our customers to keep everyone as healthy as possible including: personal distancing (keeping six feet between you and the other person), discontinuing the use of pens and other shared writing utensils, avoiding hand-shaking, hugs and fist-bumping, asking individuals with flu-type symptoms (cough, sniffles, shortness of breath or states they are sick or have been sick) to leave immediately and conduct business over the phone or email with us, and sterilizing door handles and other surfaces touched after a customer leaves. Specific job requirements will be provided to our office team.