3/26/2020 – Telephonic Counseling

Dear Liv Team:

As previously mentioned your Liv Well task force is actively working to keep you up to date on information as it evolves relating to COVID-19 as well as resources available to you. Please find the attached flyer provided to us by our partners at the EAC on free telephonic counseling. Telephonic counseling is a great alternative to traditional in-office counseling. When barriers such as transportation issues, trouble finding child care and other scheduling conflicts arise, telephonic counseling is a convenient and accessible solution to getting the help that you need, where you need it.

Please be reminded for our most current communication and updates on COVID-19, please visit our website at https://livcommunities.com/covid-19/. As always if you have any questions, suggestions or just need to have a friendly chat, we welcome and encourage you to reach out to [email protected]

** Para los miembros del equipo que requieren documentos traducidos al español, por favor envíen un correo electrónico a [email protected] En cuanto el correo electronico sea recibido, un traductor se pondra en contacto con usted inmediatamente.